For many of us, our "To Do" List is still quite long! Let's face it. The holidays can be stressful. Money worries, over-loaded schedules, fatigue, shopping & wrapping gifts, cleaning & baking---these things and more can be stressors, especially during this season. When our stress levels don't let up, we can get sick. This happens because prolonged stress causes the adrenal glands to pump out adrenaline on a somewhat continuous basis. The immune system becomes depleted and the body can no longer function properly when stress hormones are elevated over prolonged periods of time. Chiropractic can help your body respond to stress in a much healthier way!
By keeping your spine properly aligned and balancing your nervous system, chiropractic treatments help improve the transmission of your nerve impulses. Chiropractic relieves pain and muscle tension naturally. It heals injured tissue, boosts your resistance and helps restore a sense of inner calm. Make Chiropractic a part of your stress management program!

Chiropractic Adjustments-- Not just when you're in pain

Most patients who start seeing a chiropractor do so because they are in pain. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for most types of pain.
We need to remember that pain is most likely the last symptom to appear when there is some problem in the body. Once a faulty condition begins within the body, it can often take many months for the symptoms to begin. Once we feel the pain, significant damage to our tissues may have already occurred. Once chiropractic care is initiated, pain is usually the first thing to "disappear". The underlying problem, however, is still present and this is what needs to be corrected in order to bring the patient back to a healthy condition. This is why Chiropractic care is particularly necessary even when pain is no longer present. Chiropractic treats the cause, not the symptoms!
Just like we should keep regular check-ups to keep our teeth healthy, regular spinal check-ups are imperative for maintaining a healthy spine throughout a long life.

Disc Injury

There are 24 vertebrae in our spinal column, separated from one another by cartilage "shock absorbers" called discs. When your spine is not properly aligned, the vertebrae can compress the disc between them. This can be caused by a sudden injury such as a fall, a car accident, a sports injury or heavy or repetitive lifting. The injury to the disc doesn't necessarily have to be sudden--daily wear and tear, prolonged sitting, even poor posture can all contribute to disc damage. Disc injury most often occurs in the lower back, but the neck is also often involved. Chiropractic adjustments help realign your spine and help restore the normal joint motion to your spinal vertebrae. Chiropractic can safely manage many disc problems without the use of dangerous drugs, injections or surgery. Why risk the dangerous side-effects of these methods when Chiropractic offers a safe and effective solution to helping spinal disc problems?


We've all experienced them. Headaches present in many forms--throbbing, dull ache, sharp pain, pounding... and the pain can be felt at the back of the neck, head, temple, forehead, sometimes nagging and sometimes excruciating unbearable pain. It is estimated that 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from headaches. As many as 90% of all headaches can be classified as tension, migraine or cervicogenic (originating in the neck or cervical region). All 3 of these types of headaches can respond very favorably to Chiropractic care. Drugs can produce dangerous side effects. Chiropractic has been shown to relieve many types of headaches naturally, without drugs or medications. Try Chiropractic to help you get rid of head and neck pain!

Whiplash is a PAIN IN THE NECK---- literally (among other things!)

What is Whiplash?

How does it affect you? Following a rear-end automobile collision, you may experience any or all of the following symptoms:

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Numbness or tingling in the arms and hands

A Whiplash expert explains this injury........

Sciatica -- What a PAIN!

It so often seems that this time of year "Sciatica" rears its ugly head!  Sciatica can include anything from a nagging ache in the butt and leg to a full-blown incapacitating, almost unbearable leg pain.  It sometimes feels like a sharp "electric shock" pain; sometimes the pain is described as a severe "toothache-like" pain.... Most of us have experienced a bad toothache and the severe sciatic pain can feel similar because both of these scenarios involve direct, raw nerve pain. 
There are so many possible causes of this condition- auto accidents or other injuries, degenerative spinal problems, herniated discs, misaligned vertebrae, sleeping on a soft mattress or sitting in a recliner, the possibilities are too numerous to mention. 
The most effective treatment for the majority of sciatica conditions involves correcting  the underlying cause of the nerve irritation.  The nerve roots that exit your spine to form the sciatic nerve are extremely sensitive.  Chiropractic has brought natural relief to many who suffer from sciatic pain. Drugs and medication (even over-the-counter meds) can have serious side-effects and can cause liver or kidney damage- I just don't think they're worth the risk and they do nothing to treat the actual underlying cause.
Chiropractic care helps reduce nerve irritation that causes the pain, muscle spasm and inflammation related to sciatica.  If you are suffering from pain, try Chiropractic first.  It's safe and effective.

Heavy Backpacks

                         Know the facts and prevent injuries from heavy backpacks this school year.

Live Healthier

Exercise is a very important aspect of good health and can be done by most all of us no matter what age or what state of health.  Walking is the exercise that has the single most overall benefit for the average individual and can be done most anywhere.  If you can not get outside for some reason, there are treadmills, indoor malls, and you can even walk back and forth in your own home.  If for some health reason you cannot physically walk, there are many exercises you could do sitting in a chair.  It is important for good health to exercise your muscles, put movement in your joints, and increase your heart rate and your breathing.  Today is a good day to start because doing it “tomorrow” never happens.  Just do it!


Water everyone, this summer has been one of the hottest for a long while and we can get dehydrated very easily. There is nothing that replaces water to avoid dehydration. Feeling extra tired, just a little light headed or not quite yourself? Try increasing your intake of water, a slice of lemon or lime makes it more palatable.
Have a Great Day........