Sciatica -- What a PAIN!

It so often seems that this time of year "Sciatica" rears its ugly head!  Sciatica can include anything from a nagging ache in the butt and leg to a full-blown incapacitating, almost unbearable leg pain.  It sometimes feels like a sharp "electric shock" pain; sometimes the pain is described as a severe "toothache-like" pain.... Most of us have experienced a bad toothache and the severe sciatic pain can feel similar because both of these scenarios involve direct, raw nerve pain. 
There are so many possible causes of this condition- auto accidents or other injuries, degenerative spinal problems, herniated discs, misaligned vertebrae, sleeping on a soft mattress or sitting in a recliner, the possibilities are too numerous to mention. 
The most effective treatment for the majority of sciatica conditions involves correcting  the underlying cause of the nerve irritation.  The nerve roots that exit your spine to form the sciatic nerve are extremely sensitive.  Chiropractic has brought natural relief to many who suffer from sciatic pain. Drugs and medication (even over-the-counter meds) can have serious side-effects and can cause liver or kidney damage- I just don't think they're worth the risk and they do nothing to treat the actual underlying cause.
Chiropractic care helps reduce nerve irritation that causes the pain, muscle spasm and inflammation related to sciatica.  If you are suffering from pain, try Chiropractic first.  It's safe and effective.

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