Dispelling the "Scary" Chiropractic Adjustment Myth

Even babies receive adjustments!
So I was golfing with a few friends the other day, when my buddy swung his 9 iron awkwardly and quickly clenched his back.  His day on the course was clearly over.  He immediately said that he couldn't wait to get home and pop a few Vicodin to relieve his pain.  I, being the "natural health remedy" fanatic that I am, asked him why not schedule an appointment with the chiropractor, instead. 

"No way am I letting someone crack my neck and back, too risky and unsafe."  His answer made me realize that people have such a misunderstanding with what a chiropractor actually does.  I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments all my life, and by no means is an adjustment scary or risky (if you go to a REAL, licensed chiropractor, anyhow).  The adjustments typically leave me feeling like I am on top of the world! 

If anything, I would think popping Vicodin would be extremely dangerous and risky having documented side effects, such as: difficult breathing, seizures, hives, swellings, nausea, and urination problems.  It almost makes me laugh to think people believe these prescription drugs are better for you than chiropractic care. Unfortunately for my friend, he is stubborn and has yet to schedule an appointment.  I just felt the need to tell the world that chiropractic adjustments are NOT scary and will actually make you feel much better using a natural healing remedy! 

Treat your body right, friends:)

Proper Lifting Technique

Always practice proper lifting techniques when dealing with heavy loads to avoid straining your back and accumulating other bodily injuries. 
Be Smart.  Stay Healthy.
Back Safety

Avoid Dehydration ~ Drink Water

Are you drinking enough water?  It is known that about 75 % of the American population does not drink an appropriate amount of water in a given day... Check out this article for a brief review of this phenomenon!  

Medical Daily: Dehydration

Understand the Need for Proper Knee Care

Your knee plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body; the movements and support that it provides allows you to perform many necessary daily tasks. To deepen your awareness of the knee joint and better prepare yourself from injury, check out this article by William Morgan (DC) and Amin Javid (DC).

Time to Go Outside!

Warmer weather is in the air! It's natural that we want to go out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. You want to get back into your outdoor activities like sports, gardening and yard work. Don't let pain stop you from doing the things you love. Some people have learned to "live with their pain." So often this isn't necessary. Chiropractic has been proven to control pain naturally. Chiropractic treatment can effectively relieve back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder & other joint pains--- without medication. Far too much medication (including "over-the-counter") is used, many times producing serious consequences.... the risk of drugs is not worth it! ALL medications have side-effects, some not showing up for years, and some very dangerous. Chiropractic care is safe and natural- it does a body GOOD!
For many of us, our "To Do" List is still quite long! Let's face it. The holidays can be stressful. Money worries, over-loaded schedules, fatigue, shopping & wrapping gifts, cleaning & baking---these things and more can be stressors, especially during this season. When our stress levels don't let up, we can get sick. This happens because prolonged stress causes the adrenal glands to pump out adrenaline on a somewhat continuous basis. The immune system becomes depleted and the body can no longer function properly when stress hormones are elevated over prolonged periods of time. Chiropractic can help your body respond to stress in a much healthier way!
By keeping your spine properly aligned and balancing your nervous system, chiropractic treatments help improve the transmission of your nerve impulses. Chiropractic relieves pain and muscle tension naturally. It heals injured tissue, boosts your resistance and helps restore a sense of inner calm. Make Chiropractic a part of your stress management program!

Chiropractic Adjustments-- Not just when you're in pain

Most patients who start seeing a chiropractor do so because they are in pain. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for most types of pain.
We need to remember that pain is most likely the last symptom to appear when there is some problem in the body. Once a faulty condition begins within the body, it can often take many months for the symptoms to begin. Once we feel the pain, significant damage to our tissues may have already occurred. Once chiropractic care is initiated, pain is usually the first thing to "disappear". The underlying problem, however, is still present and this is what needs to be corrected in order to bring the patient back to a healthy condition. This is why Chiropractic care is particularly necessary even when pain is no longer present. Chiropractic treats the cause, not the symptoms!
Just like we should keep regular check-ups to keep our teeth healthy, regular spinal check-ups are imperative for maintaining a healthy spine throughout a long life.