Dispelling the "Scary" Chiropractic Adjustment Myth

Even babies receive adjustments!
So I was golfing with a few friends the other day, when my buddy swung his 9 iron awkwardly and quickly clenched his back.  His day on the course was clearly over.  He immediately said that he couldn't wait to get home and pop a few Vicodin to relieve his pain.  I, being the "natural health remedy" fanatic that I am, asked him why not schedule an appointment with the chiropractor, instead. 

"No way am I letting someone crack my neck and back, too risky and unsafe."  His answer made me realize that people have such a misunderstanding with what a chiropractor actually does.  I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments all my life, and by no means is an adjustment scary or risky (if you go to a REAL, licensed chiropractor, anyhow).  The adjustments typically leave me feeling like I am on top of the world! 

If anything, I would think popping Vicodin would be extremely dangerous and risky having documented side effects, such as: difficult breathing, seizures, hives, swellings, nausea, and urination problems.  It almost makes me laugh to think people believe these prescription drugs are better for you than chiropractic care. Unfortunately for my friend, he is stubborn and has yet to schedule an appointment.  I just felt the need to tell the world that chiropractic adjustments are NOT scary and will actually make you feel much better using a natural healing remedy! 

Treat your body right, friends:)

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Be Smart.  Stay Healthy.
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