Heavy Backpacks

                         Know the facts and prevent injuries from heavy backpacks this school year.

Live Healthier

Exercise is a very important aspect of good health and can be done by most all of us no matter what age or what state of health.  Walking is the exercise that has the single most overall benefit for the average individual and can be done most anywhere.  If you can not get outside for some reason, there are treadmills, indoor malls, and you can even walk back and forth in your own home.  If for some health reason you cannot physically walk, there are many exercises you could do sitting in a chair.  It is important for good health to exercise your muscles, put movement in your joints, and increase your heart rate and your breathing.  Today is a good day to start because doing it “tomorrow” never happens.  Just do it!


Water everyone, this summer has been one of the hottest for a long while and we can get dehydrated very easily. There is nothing that replaces water to avoid dehydration. Feeling extra tired, just a little light headed or not quite yourself? Try increasing your intake of water, a slice of lemon or lime makes it more palatable.
Have a Great Day........